The Party is in Goa – Baba Sehgal

Raising the EDM (Electronic dance music) level 😉 …yeah yeah and the Goa Party fever notion, altogether to another level. Yeah that’s what I would say after watching the hilarious video editing and listening to the latest Baba Sehgal song “The Party is in Goa”. My first expression was “Am I actually watching this?!” [googly eyes] 😀

Baba Sehgal rapping the song away, sitting on his blue stool with all the firangi dancing and moving around. Well to be noted, he didn’t travel to Goa for getting his video shot and bought the feel of his craziness. Proving that Goa and the party fever is all about one’s state of mind 😛 . Check it out and please spare me if you find yourself banging your head insanely.


Gaining immense popularity on his twitter @OnlyBabaSehgal with its quirky tweets and releasing the teasers of his songs, which have got him a big fan following. His previous songs on Chicken fried rice and Aloo ka paratha clearly states about him being a food lover and tapping majority of the viewers. Watch out for his new releases on Maids, Modi’s Make in India and online shopping. He knows the audience for sure.

Gaadi Mein Karle Disco


Chicken Fried Rice


Aloo ka Paratha


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The Party is in Goa – Baba Sehgal

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