Phillauri Trailer Hou! Hou! Hehehe!

Culture shock and giggles when the young eligible bachelor is declared maanglik. And warding off the evil, the crazy ride begins marrying a tree 🙂 and Kaboom!! he’s invited a spooky-friendly spirit in his life.

Anushka Sharma(Shashi) as the friendly ghost looks ethereal as she floats creating the halo effect around the pretty outfit she’s worn. Her bolder voice definitely scaring her human husband, as she claims they are married.

The trailer is quirky, entertaining and raising the curiosity level to know the reason for the beautiful spirit left wandering. Releasing on March 24th, Phillauri starring Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh and Suraj Sharma promises to be fun time travel to love. Watch out the trailer for self 🙂


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Phillauri Trailer Hou! Hou! Hehehe!

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