Gaurav Gera – Shopkeeper Dubsmash

There’s so much of a buzz about the Dubsmash mania, so much so that even celebrities are intrigued by it and have come with their own versions of Dubsmash. Previously we featured a Dubsmash compilation video of Kavita Kaushik & a kid which was really cute but this time around we came across an awesomely funny Dubsmash video of the extremely talented Gaurav Gera.

This Dubsmash compilation is totally hilarious, silly but at the same keeps you hooked throughout the madness.

Check it out:


Gaurav Gera is known for his perfect comic timing be it playing the role of Nandu in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin or the Colors TV show Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal, he has carved a niche for himself. He’s now a hit sensation with the “Shopkeeper and Chutki” series on BIG MAGIC channel and his YouTube channel. In the series, Gera is like a one man army playing Chutki with the silly-ish hair wigs as well as the shopkeeper leaving you bonkers. Shopkeeper series occasionally has guest, keeping the viewers hooked for more.

Check the ‘Shopkeeper and Chutki Series’


Guarav Gera’s ‘Shopkeeper and Chutki series craze has reached across the border and there is a compilation video of people from Pakistan doing a Dubsmash on his Shopkeeper and Chutki Series. Watch this India-Pak version:


And here’s one with Shahid Kapoor…


… and with Alia Bhatt too.

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Gaurav Gera – Shopkeeper Dubsmash

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