Karma’s take me HOME !!!

A quick trip to Southall and a pop-up in one of the Indian stores, got my eyes struck on the Karma’s Goan masala’s 🙂 (moreover eyes popped open wide). As I spotted the all time famous dishes of Goan masala’s packed well and readily available to try your hands on.

Especially when your home away and the dishes which I definitely would not dare to try on my own. Considering myself not to be an expert in cooking these famous Goan recipes…Sorportel, Balchao and Vindalho. These are only enjoyed shamelessly by me when prepared by my mom or sister 🙂 . It’s HOME calling now.

Somehow, I’m no fan of packed masala’s but considering the number of Goan’s around here in UK, Karma’s Goan masala’s would be serving the taste buds of many.

While trying to know more about the range Karma’s offer, the website has further info and also about the person who initiated the whole range, Mrs. Maria Vaz.

Must say a very successful venture lead by an amazing Goan woman. Thou a question still remains, what must have been the story behind naming it Karma’s Food???

Have popped the question … awaiting the answer anxiously!!!



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Karma’s take me HOME !!!

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