The new Van Pooling service in Town!

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3 Responses

  1. Jefferson says:

    Sound like an easy option. And yes, cordinatEd pool route mean time saving. I hope it works ?

  2. Victor Souza says:

    The free WiFi is fabulous. Can’t wait to try it. Hope it’s as functional as it sounds.

  3. Rebel Jo says:

    I already spoke Kishore Kumar about giving transport to my wife from Farwania to Subahan, they need atleast six people from same area for pooling, if anyone interested can contact n enroll with coordinator Kishore Kumar 69601200 n he will do the needful Pls asap so next month he can start his service to the area’s,so ppl pass the word n enroll yourself n don’t await for others, after all it’s you who need the service at your convenience. Thanks Jo

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The new Van Pooling service in Town!

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