“The Gathering” – you have to try it out!

Breakfast Joints in Kuwait are not uncommon, making your decision even harder to make. One of my personal favourites is called “The Gathering Bistro“.

So what makes this this one special?

Its got a cozy cafe set up with some lovely decor, making it a really nice place to share a meal with your close buddies, family or even a tête-à-tête, PLUS, the food is quite good.

Now for those of you with a sweet tooth, you are going to enjoy their dessert options… but a word of advice-the portions are good for two especially after you’ve feasted on a hearty breakfast!






My pick for the day was a yummy ‘Garden Omelette’ and I shared a ‘Nutella French Toast’ with my friend. Their Club Sandwich is pretty good too and ‘Chocolot’ pancakes are simply sinfully delicious!!!

Location: Salhiya – Noor Complex (in front of Salhiya Complex) Kuwait City,Kuwait.


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“The Gathering” – you have to try it out!

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