Nestled among the Betel nut palms – Canacona, Goa.

“Susegad” as the word goes, is merely associated to a persons laid back behavior. But moreover its the surroundings that makes it easy to breathe. Thus the word “Susegad” so truly links with Goa.

Driving 38kms away from the noisy and bustling areas of Margao city. Here I enter the calm and composed village of Sheli, Canacona. Beautifully nestled amongst the betel nut palm trees and utter green landscape.

The sense of belonging, while entering the woods and the burst of colours through the trees is mind-blowing. As one is so used to the concrete buildings around the city, this gets you to a lovely forest touch. Letting your eyes adore and admire the lush greenery, woods and the pure indulgence of getting lost amid the magic of nature.

The villagers of Canacona have definitely maintained every aspect of nature, culture and tradition in its true value.

Thereby keeping Goa, to not just another place known for their beaches, lifestyle or parties but nature at its best.

Having a place so close to nature, would be a wish come true.

Viva Canacona!! Viva Goa!!


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Nestled among the Betel nut palms – Canacona, Goa.

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