Humidity!!!?? Stay Calm and Just Chill… :P


There’s one thing everyone’s been complaining about these days in Kuwait- Humidity. Ruined make-up, hairstyles, that sticky damp skin…and God forbid if you happen to step outside without carrying enough Tissues!! As much as we hate it, there’s no escaping it- Humidity is here to stay in Kuwait..well at least for a while longer. So, while it has ruined most of our week day plans and sadly weekends to, here are some ways to help you ‘keep your cool’ in this horrid weather:

1. Drink lots of fluids – While fresh juices are always good, water works best. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to have that next sip, drink up to make sure your body is properly hydrated at all times.

2. Try and stay indoors – I love the outdoors, but at times like this you have to make the most of staying in the comfort of your home. There are a lot of fun indoor activities you can enjoy with your friends and family. Time to bring out your X-box, karaoke set or those good ol’ board games and let the fun begin.

3. Avoid drinks with loads of sugar – While you might be tempted to treat yourself with a soft drink to quench your thirst. Just remember they contain a lot of sugar which make you lose more body fluids. And I’m sorry all you coffee lovers, that’s another drink to cut down on in humid conditions.

4. Change your dressing style – What is fashionable might not always be practical in this weather. Toss away your tight, darker clothes for a while and bring out those light, airy tops. Use a little creativity and you can make yourself look just as trendy. It’s not just the weight of your clothes, colours matter too as dark colours absorbs heat increasing your body temperature.

5. Take a  quick shower – While soaking yourself in a tub full of water might be a luxury most days, a quick shower does the trick as well. There’s nothing like a shower to rid yourself of the stickiness in the air. However, be careful not to step out immediately after a shower as the sudden change in your body’s temperature could make you fall sick.

6. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables – Add more fresh fruits and salads to your diet! Throw in some Tomatoes, Cucumber, Iceberg Lettuce and Celery into your salad bowl or garb a grape fruit or a slice of a watermelon. These water rich food are a great way to stay hydrated and not to mention healthy!

7. Going green – If you were thinking about adding indoor plants to your home décor, here’s another reason why. Not only do they give your home a nice look but many plants absorb moisture and nutrients from the air to survive. A few examples of these natural dehumidifiers are Peace Lily, Boston fern, and various Cacti.


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Humidity!!!?? Stay Calm and Just Chill… :P

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