Healthy morning rituals for a brighter day

Do you find yourself feeling like a sack of flour every morning at work, it’s most probably because you’re starting your day all wrong. A bad way to start your day would be to keep hitting that snooze button and wake up just 10 minutes before catching your bus to work.

Instead, train yourself to sleep on time to give your body a good 6 hours of sleep and then you should have no problem rising early. Waking up early allows you to prepare yourself for your day ahead, letting you work to your full potential. Here are some useful habits to cultivate after getting out bed each day.

  1. Drink water –It hydrates your body after your 6 hour long night’s sleep and gets your metabolism running. Adding a bit of lemon to a glass of warm water is perfect for flushing out toxins in your body.
  2. Stretch– An ideal way to go about this would be a 5 minute set of stretching exercises to wake your muscles and get your blood flowing.
  3. Take a small walk outside– Besides catching the early morning sun rays on your skin, the benefits of walking are endless. Weight loss, better circulation, energizes your get the drift.
  4. Shower– Taking a shower in the morning is not only a matter of hygiene but it also helps to relax your body and improves circulation.
  5. Eat Healthy– Eating a healthy breakfast fuels your body and helps your stay away from mid-day cravings and snacking on junk food between your meals. Grab some Oatmeal or a smoothie or any food that is balanced in Carbs and Protein.
  6. Meditate– Lay of Facebook or your Whatsapp messages for at least an hour after waking up. Instead spend time praying and meditating on Scripture. It will not only keep your mind in peace but it also helps you think clearer.
  7. Plan your day– Setting up priorities for your day is very important. This helps you to complete your important tasks for the day and gives you a better sense of accomplishment by the time you hit the bed at night.


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Healthy morning rituals for a brighter day

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