Film festival on cancer survivors

I’m sure that every one of us has known someone who has had to face cancer- a deadly disease that really takes a toll on a person- not just to the body but to their mind as well! It also in many ways affects the lives of close family members and friends.

I’ve personally known three close friends who have had to face cancer, two of them have by God’s grace pulled through and I truly, deeply admire all of them and laud them for their courage, for putting up a brave front while battling this disease.

 If you know someone facing cancer, do reach out to them in whatever way you can- staying the night at the hospital, hospital visits, calling on them regularly, praying for them. Cancer patients, need all the support and encouragement they can get from friends and family.

A brilliant initiative I recently read about is the Self V Film Festival, started by Healthcare Global Enterprises and Pink Hope group that has created a unique way to celebrate Cancer survivors. It invites cancer survivors to submit a 60 second video on their ordeal and victory over the disease. These would be judged by jury from the film fraternity and the best ones would be played at the Festival.

Importantly, these stories will be aired in PVR theatres in major cities across India. The campaign has already been receiving an overwhelming response from across the world and you can catch some of these stories on their facebook page Selfv Survivor Stories.

I think it is a brilliant platform created for those who have survived this battle to reach out to those currently suffering different stages of this disease as well for the rest of us fortunate ones. We need to hear the stories of these real life heroes. It just might give us a change of perspective and cause us to appreciate life a little bit more!


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Film festival on cancer survivors

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