Carpet of Joy – Plastiflora installation by Subodh Kerker

Every year the state invites tourists from different parts of India as well as International tourists to witness its distinctive features. But due to a lot of ecological imbalance this has been decreasing and our beautiful Paradise is losing its importance due to all kinds of pollution caused by locals as well as tourists. One of the reasons can be non-biodegradable waste that is generated by us, and one does not know how to deal with it and the right way we think is either to dump it in the dustbin or throw it in the river.

With an aim of creating a clean and dirt free Goa, Dr Subodh Kerkar and MOG (The Museum of Goa) took up an initiative to inculcate in children at a very young age the ‘anti-litter’ mentality that will eventually be followed by them as adults and educate future generations.


The Carpet of Joy installation comprised of 3000 school going children who used 1,50,000 discarded plastic bottles to create flowers of different colors that was joined together to form a 2,000 square meter carpet rising 12 meters high into the sky with a 9-meter tree rounding out the installation which displays the contrast of toxic and organic. The Carpet of Joy is inspired by Israeli artist Uri de Beer who created Plastiflora (plastic +floral) floating bridge for peace on the Dead Sea.


According to Dr Subodh Kerkar littering is an act of violence, and it is a big shame for Goan’s to see our beautiful paradise turn into a garbage dumping zone. His aim is to create awareness in an innovative manner. This beautiful display put forth by Dr Kerkar is the current attraction among tourists as well as locals in Goa. The Carpet of Joy will be on display till 30 May, 2017 at the Saligao Field next to the Saligao Circle and does not have any entry fees.

Location: Saligao Field next to the Saligao Circle

Display till 30 May, 2017


Guest Writer: Pauline D’Mello

Pic Credit: Viresh Chari/Evelyn D’souza

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Carpet of Joy – Plastiflora installation by Subodh Kerker

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