2-3 shades of “I don’t get it!!”

So what’s really been bothering me these days is the number of TV commercials on skin whitening products! I just don’t get it, what is with our obsession of the fairer skin! And to feast on this is the long line of hungry shark companies spewing forth their wide range of whitening products.

It seems there’s enough and more beauty products out there to fill an entire section of a super market that all fall under the lines of whitening creams, fairness creams, brightening creams- different brands with all the same purpose – to make you fairer! Most, if not all these commercials claim to make you at least 2- 3 shades fairer and all begin with a frustrated, insecure, dark (but not really dark) skinned girl who stumbles upon XYZ fairness cream and then boom! Suddenly she’s the popular girl who makes it big in life because she’s “fairer”. AHEM…does anyone else see how ridiculous it sounds.


Talking to any decent cosmetologist will help you understand that at the most of these creams just help to reduce your tan making you “seem” fairer and are in no way tied to your success or popularity in life. The latest ad I came across implores girls to “Be bright” how? Not by pursuing your talents, taking that educational course but by using their cream that has a “brightening complex.” That’s so wrong, being bright is all in your mind.,..it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin, loving yourself for who you are and being confident about your bright mind!
Why can’t we have advertisements that promote loving yourself for who you are.You are worth more than beauty that’s just skin deep and temporary.

I came across several (but not enough) campaigns, one of them being “Dark is beautiful” by Women of Worth that was launched in 2009.. and then I stumbled upon this advertisement that I would like to share. It seemed so refreshing and REAL compared to all the clutter of junk “fairness cream” ads.

I hope you love it as much I did!

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2-3 shades of “I don’t get it!!”

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