WOK HAY – Fresh Asian Dining Restaurant in Kuwait

Choosing a different place for lunch, one that would cater to a varying taste than the Indian or Arabic. We colleagues squared on Chinese cuisine this time, thus WOK HAY being our pick for the day.

Wok Hay located in front of Green Island was convenient to get from Sharq, saving time to feed our empty stomachs. It was our first timers at Wok Hay and while we made our way inside, it looked like the entire restaurant was booked for us. Pretty bright colored walls with Chinese painting around, wide and spacious with the beach-side view was relaxing enough.

The menu seemed interesting and not wasting much of our time, we ordered the bowl portions for the Shrimp Tom Yum soup (Kd 3.250) my take, its OK but nothing can beat the taste of Oriental Thai restaurant Tom Yum Soup the magic that lingers on.

Shrimp Tom Yum soup

Hot & Sour Soup

Hot & Sour Soup (2.250) was good with the crispy noodles to do the trick and alongside we ordered the Wok Hay Spring Roll which was crispy and prepped with veggies & chicken shreds.

Going in for the main course, our table was served with Wok Hay Fried Rice with shrimp serving presentation making you gulp it down, guess the rice is starch cooked, Vegetable Fried Rice which our vegetarian colleague was disappointed by the taste of it 🙁 .

Wok Hay Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice

The Buttery noodles was simply delicious and Kung Pao – Chicken served with rice were tingling the taste buds to the fullest 😀 . We didn’t opt for the desserts, thou the banana and mango fillings, served with coconut ice cream was tempting enough. We had other plans to end it on a sweet note.

Buttery noodles

Kung Pao – Chicken

Overall the experience was nice but I expected something more. The serving portions were good enough with the dishes managing a good note. A well noticed thing was, they do have Happy Hours (50% off on invoice from 4pm-7pm) and ‘All you can Eat’ offer (Kd 8.500 per person) for the Chinese cuisine lovers only on Sunday-Thursday. So if your interested, you could grab on to one of the offers to make the most.

If my next visit happens, it would be to try the impending dessert, banana and mango fillings served with coconut ice cream.







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WOK HAY – Fresh Asian Dining Restaurant in Kuwait

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