Toby’s Estate – Coffee Roasters in Kuwait

Walking past the Darwaza lane, you would spot this little space of Toby’s Estate always buzzing around with coffee lovers. Not a big set up, just a casual and small space yet being a favorite among many.

The place is limited to the serving deck which gives a bar table counter feel and only benches across the corners for a very up notch feel of social catch up.

The impressive latest collection of music playing in the background and the snazzy guys behind the counter. Not forgetting, talented as well. Check out the art done on the cups by the guy working here, Mr. Neil.

The hot selling drink out here is the Toby’s Latte, infused with vanilla and served in 2 options as Hot or Cold. But I would prefer and recommend the cold version of Toby’s Latte. Damn, the sight when you watch your drink swirl the infusion of coffee, vanilla, ice, looks intriguing and definitely not letting the flavor disappoint. A must try!!!

For the lovers of sweet, you have the options to pick the chocolate or vanilla cake slice and cookies too. Being a chocolate lover myself, chocolate it was!!! The texture and goodness in every bit was simply delicious. And for the Instagram lover’s, the clicking will go on – Toby’s Estate Kuwait.

Priced @ Toby’s Latte : Kd 2.250
Cake Slice : Kd 1.750

Location : Toby’s Estate Kuwait, Mubarak Al Kabeer St, Kuwait City, Kuwait.


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Toby’s Estate – Coffee Roasters in Kuwait

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