Mogachi Kanni – A Tribute to Father


Somewhere out of the blue, a hidden gem is bought to light and ‘Mogachi Kanni’ is one of this-kind. Written & composed by Geraldo Fernandes, is soothing to ears and extremely heart-connecting. The video and vocals with such simplicity does extreme justice to this soulful piece of work. Making a mention, it will for sure find a place on your playlist and often on repeat mode.

A very rare drive by Father-Son duo in what I would say a lovely tribute in upholding family legacy. There would be many questions that pop’s one mind, when you listen to this work. And thus none other than the singer, Michael Fernandes son of Geraldo Fernandes takes the spot.

As the saying goes:

Some men’s memory is like a box where a man should mingle his jewels with his old shoes – George Savile

Considering the work is a combination of Father-Son, shed some light on the working:

Working was easy, as this song was never so difficult, plus credits to dad for the catchy tune, and really amazing lyrics. Considering 80 percent of the work already done, it was not so difficult in getting the song completed.

Growing up, I have been listening to the song, it was sung at family gatherings during jam sessions and I have been hearing good reviews ever since. This song was never recorded professionally, so as a tribute to my dad, I along with Aldrich Fernandes worked on the music. Production of the video was done by my Bro-in-law, Kenny Dsouza (AK PROJECTS) and used social media to reach out to people.

Song composed & written in 90s. What kept it under wraps?

Song was initially written in 1980, dad never disclosed the secret behind the song. He says this secret will remain with him forever, and always told us that it’s his Imagination.

It was not really under wraps, my father performed at The Mando Festival in Dubai back in 1991. It was a competition that was organized by The Dubai Goan Cultural Society and dad was awarded the first place for this song. The only reason for the song to be under wraps- he never took music / singing as a profession. It was his hobby.

Delving about Geraldo Fernandes:

Born in Aldona, Goa, on September 24, 1960, Geraldo Fernandes began learning music at the age of 16, from Remet Fernandes (Father of Chagas Fernandes). He sang in various bands in the early 80’s, his first Band was in Asnora Goa, Band Name (SARCASTIC), other bands he joined later (Young Starts of Goa Bombay Vakola/ 7Galaxy/Knights-Calvim Goa)

Wrote and Directed a Tiatr named ISCARIOT in Don Boscos Calangute Boarding school, actors he can recollect are(Francis Rocha/Wilma Menezes/Lourdes Menezes/Sarita Menezes/Joe Rose/Young Chico).

What has been your inspiration/influence and achievement in the field of music?

My Dad! The reason behind my inclination towards music. Walking in my dad’s footsteps, I began learning music at the age of 10. In my early twenties I began singing for gigs and shows in Goa. In Kuwait joined a couple of Bands (Stepping stones/Deep Impact). Music is in my family, I wish to take it to another level and bring good music to people.

Message to fellow Goans:

As my father has always taught me – Keep your work original and value music. If you have a musical talent, develop it and don’t let it go to waste.

Till we Catch ya with some new stuff!!!



3 thoughts on “Mogachi Kanni – A Tribute to Father

  1. Michael Bab,

    My hats off to your Father Gerald ,and you buddy!!! what a beautiful melody sung so well, with simplified and authentic Konkani, wonderful arrangement
    Aldrich has given such the good piano feel to it. Keep up the great work I commend you for carrying forward your Fathers legacy thus you are making Every goan proud with your fathers own composition By doing this production, you have taken the song to a next level I’m sure your Father is very proud of his son….he lives within you Amigo

  2. WOW !! soo deeply touched with this song.. Well composed..ITS SAID, A man composes his hearts content tru music.. Michael very gracefully played and sung..I LOVE LISTENING TO THIS SONG REPEATEDLY.. LOVE TO U AND FLY AND SPECIALLY TO MR GERALD FOR COMPOSING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG AND YES OF COURSE MR.MICHAEL FOR BRINGING IT FROM THE 90’s to Millennium.. 2019.VIVA.WE NEED MORE LIKE THIS ! LOVE-DIAS FAMILY- 🙂

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Mogachi Kanni – A Tribute to Father

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