1st Ever Konkani Film Festival in Kuwait

HELLO out there!!!

Mogall Maai baas uloipainoi, be ready for a treat out here in Kuwait. Cause the coming long weekend is filled with some exciting list of Konkani movies lined up here. The Goan Cultural Centre Kuwait in association with T-Bush International Films and Konkani Community of Holy Family Cathedral presents the 1st ever Konkani Film Festival in Kuwait.

Well I can see the excitement brewing and why not? Given a limited options of spending the holidays, the Konkani Film Festival is a perfect reason to bubble up for the Konkani community. The Konkani film industry has gone a notch above in giving their audience a blend of good music, comedy and a different genre of promising artist.

Watch out for 25th & 26th February 2017 (Public Holidays) at the spacious American International School Auditorium, Maidan Hawally for some pure entertainment.

American International School Auditorium, Maidan Hawally

At 10:30am

The ‘BIG BEN’ Konkani movie, written and directed by Mark de Araujo is apparently based on the adversities and lifestyle of Goan’s based in UK, and their influence on families back home in Goa.The movie explores into a number of interesting things about living in UK.

At 03:00pm

Directed and written by Sripad Pai and produced by Nilesh Newalkar and Armando Fernandes, the official remake of the 1966 film Nirmon. Set in the 21st century the film retains its old charm, albeit with a new cast, screenplay and dialogues.

At 06:00pm

The film Home sweet Home 2…Now the game will be rough is a sequel to Home Sweet Home. Directed by Swapnil Shetkar, the first movie was about the land grab scam in Goa. With the sequel making a statement on the politicians and their role in ruining Goa.


26th FEBRUARY 2017
American International School Auditorium, Maidan Hawally

At 10:30am

Enemy, produced by A. Durga Prasad and directed by Dinesh P. Bhonsle is Film with an award winning string attached. In the midst of the festive season, a Goan Catholic family discovers that they have lost their property to the Government and their family honor is at stake.

At 03:00pm

Directed by Harry Fernandes Barkur and produced by Henry D’Silva Suratkal. Noshibacho Khell, the Mangalorean film is revolving around the story line of rural life, love and mystery.

At 06:00pm

Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ is a Konkani feature film – a tribute to Goan Music and her legendary musicians.Creating an strong niche and buzzing the Konkani world with acclaimed international awards. Narrated through the emotional roller coaster of a love story destined to tragedy, it celebrates Goan music through the eyes of its prodigiously eclectic generation of musicians in the 1960s and 70s.

Let not this golden opportunity get off your hand. Contact the below for entry passes:

99047401, 99874104, 99699514, 99384029, 50796693, 99389473, 97243285 & 99308953


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1st Ever Konkani Film Festival in Kuwait

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