Goa University to come under CCTV surveillance

Goa University (GU) is among rare varsities in the country which does not have an enclosed campus.

With a public road running through the GU’s vast property, it is exposed to dangers like that from intruders. This has stopped the varsity from keeping its facilities like the library open 24X7 for its students.

The university has now decided to attend to this issue of security of its students and its property by bringing its campus under CCTV surveillance. Sixty-eight cameras will now be fitted on the campus at different indoor and outdoor locations and the cameras will be monitored round the clock through professional monitoring stations with dedicated servers.

Goa University has embarked on an ambitious project to introduce CCTV surveillance of its huge campus to safeguard the property and security of its assets, student population staying in hostels and its sensitive installations. After inviting expression of interest followed by technical and financial bids, the university has awarded the contract of CCTV surveillance based on IP cameras to a firm to install the 68 cameras. The cameras will be monitored through a network installed in the main GU administrative building,” Goa University registrar Vijayendra Kamat said.

The outdoor cameras will have night vision ability to record any movements of unwanted intruders and antisocial elements during the night time as the open campus has been found prone to such activities in the past.

This installation of IP based cameras at the varsity is also a move towards reducing the dependency on security guards deployed on the campus.

The decision to fit the cameras has also been taken based on directives from the University Grants Commission that had asked universities to enhance security on campus through such facilities like CCTV surveillance.

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Goa University to come under CCTV surveillance

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