2nd Bird Festival of Goa

Celebrate the local and migrant Avi faunal diversity while enjoying field trips, special events and activities at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary!

The 2nd Bird Festival of Goa, shall commence from the 12th till 14th Jan 2018 at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Canacona Goa.

The State of Goa nestled between Western ghats in the east and Arabian Sea to its west is an acclaimed tourist destination for its serenity, natural beauty, pristine beaches, stretching from north to south over a coastline that is 105 km long and hospitality.

The Western ghats constitute one of the 25 mega biodiversity hot spots in the world and by virtue of its location, the State represent a unique confluence of two diverse ecosystems, the marine and the tropical forests resulting in astonishing diversity of species with high degree of endemism specially in forest areas. While a large number of migratory birds visit Goa’s coastal and seascapes during winter – Source

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2nd Bird Festival of Goa

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