Wavering Huge clouds!!!

Sitting on the high stool with my piping hot cup of tea, the sun beams lighting up my face as I strike the hot classy pose. Watching the huge and not so little clouds wavering in unknown directions. On very rare occasions, one spare’s a moment to admire the nature and let thoughts pondering in this busy world, come to a halt.

Well, for me that happens quite frequently as I personally feel more connected to the nature’s glory than anything else. Just, like my million thoughts that go hay-wire. Little did I realize, that the clouds too move on to no-where at times and guess that’s normal. In a manner, making way to a brighter and better day ahead. Believing that you can and will make a big difference, holding your spirits high 🙂 come what may.

Like the clouds that don’t remain stock-still, so would no one. Letting the good and bad times make way of their own.


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Wavering Huge clouds!!!

by Ann time to read: 1 min