Watch as Indian Kavita Devi makes a mark in WWE

Kavita Devi has set the social media buzzing as she becomes the first Indian woman who took part in the WWE tryouts in Dubai.

Kavita Devi is a former power lifter and a medal winner, who participated in the 2016 South Asian Games. She made her first appearance at WWE tryouts in Dubai.Numerous tryouts are held throughout the year for applicants selected by WWE.


What special about Kavita Devi is that she she wore a Salwar-Kameez to the ring against Dakota Kai, and the video is going viral. She is inspiring and her wrestling skills are worth noticing. Kavita Devi originally hails from Haryana, India. She has no other than the Great Khali as her mentor for her WWE Amrecian dream & is looking to follow in the footsteps of her inspiration.


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Watch as Indian Kavita Devi makes a mark in WWE

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