The Heaven’s Abode

Little do we know, what is in-stored in the big wrapped box of life. Somebody crosses your path and you seem to grow a new bound which is nothing mere than humanity, yet stronger than known.

So strong that the thought of loss of a beautiful individual, literally pierces through your heart and soul. Making one face the harsh reality of life, that tomorrow is clearly unknown, unseen and unpredictable. With a treasure that will hold a place in ones life forever.

Wonder what brings a tear rolling down the cheek along with a prayer for a beautiful soul that made way to heaven. Leaving behind definitely scars to the very near and dear.

Not easy to mend the pain even with all the consoling, as the owners heart only knows how much the loss and dearness meant.

Up the heaven with wings wrapped around. May your beautiful presence be along endlessly.


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The Heaven’s Abode

by Ann time to read: 1 min