The Great BMC- RJ Malishka tussle

Malishka Mendonsa spoofy video ‘Mumbai tula BMC var bharosa nahi kay’ (Mumbai, don’t you trust Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) went viral and at the same time irked the BMC for the criticism they received through the video. Well, we all know how the civic bodies promise the roads to be fixed up, proper drainage system, no potholes in monsoon, but never has it been fulfilled. So, to take on the issue in a funny way, RJ Malishka and team made a parody of #sonusong in Marathi.


However, the BMC didn’t take it down well. RJ Malishka was asked to pay a fine of Rs. 10,000 for defaming the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) by posting a ‘defamatory’ video. That’s not the end. Two Yuva Sena members urged the BMC to file a Rs. 500 crore – defamation suit against RJ Malishka. Seriously, Rs.500 crores for telling the real situation of Mumbai. They have the funds to file defamation suit but not improve the infrastructure ? (sigh) .

What followed after the this, was a visit by BMC municipal staffers to RJ Mallishka’s home in Bandra and a notice slapped on her – there was stagnant water in her potted plants, where mosquitoes could breed! How ironical!

RJ Mallishka countered with sarcasm tweet and said she has six more songs ready for the BMC.





Support has been pouring in, more parody videos by José Covaco and RJ Raunac and activists in Mumbai also took to the streets as a mark of support to RJ Malishka.


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The Great BMC- RJ Malishka tussle

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