Taking theatre inside the box-Director Speaks

Theatre is an age-old art form that has thrived through the years with the incorporation of new theatrical devices, themes and innovations that add to it without really changing it. This is how theatre has evolved.

Goa too is keeping up with this evolution and has now introduced the concept of ‘Theatre Training Centre ’. While new to Goa, Box Theatre is a common concept incorporated in other states. It is veteran theatre artiste Vijaykumar Naik’s initiative that has brought box theatre to Goa. It is common practice for the Hauns Theatre Training Centre to put up plays for its students. This time around, they decided to introduce this novel concept.

“The box theatre form was always there, and it’s being practiced in other states. The idea of introducing it in Goa struck me when I saw this play in Sri Lanka. This play is made to be put under the four walls of a black box, however, here it was performed in an open area. Also, putting up such plays doesn’t require much finances, so I thought it would be a great way to teach something new and showcase young talent.” Vijaykumar, who has garnered a wealth of experience in theatre over the years, always had plans of introducing such a play in Goa. “Finally, my wish has come true. In movable box theatre, we don’t have to spend much on stage setting, and you can also save when it comes to lighting. While the effect remains the same, messages are conveyed in the right manner, just like any other drama,” explains Vijaykumar.

“We wanted our audience to be drawn into the play and feel as though they are a part of the story, hence we brought everything closer, leaving less space between actors and audience. These actors are surrounded by the audience,” says Vijaykumar. Speaking about Hauns Theatre Training Centre and the cast and crew for the play, Vijaykumar says, “We put up the play with the students who enrol for our workshops and projects. Our workshops are basically of ten days, while projects are held for two and a half months. This box theatre Marathi play ‘Sanvedana.com’ has thirteen students picked up from our college student project group.

The play, which has already had 15 shows in places like Ponda, Bicholim, Margao, Canacona and Panjim, is about how we live in a gadget world. There is no time for personal life and everyone is more connected with the virtual world.

The Marathi play Sanvedana.com was staged on October 10, 2015, at Bandoda Youth Club, Nagueshi in the evening.

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Taking theatre inside the box-Director Speaks

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