Surrounded by Compassion & Goodness

Whoever says compassion and Goodness is a far out cry. Well, that is not the case as good and kind people do exist and they show up, when you least expect. One such of my recent warmth filled experience got me sharing this. The terrible heat and scorching summer in Kuwait can take a toll on anyone.

And I was not spared either, while commuting via the public transport all of sudden experienced profusely heavy nose bleeding, which didn’t seem to stop making me run out of tissues I had on me. At this very point, the driver noticed me struggling and what he did next has touched my heart.

He stopped the bus at one of the closest station shops, bought me a bottle of cold water bottle and handed me a set of tissues. That kind gesture of his, meant alot and made me realize a good world is out there to stay. Notably the other bus commuters, could have made a issue for he stopping and letting their time go but guess everybody seen the good he did and became part along.

Thank you with a glad smile would be the smallest thing I could give back to him. But we all took something good along from his act of Compassion & Goodness.


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Surrounded by Compassion & Goodness

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