Stressed? Start Colouring

Are you over-burden by work? Are you stressed by day to day routines? Need to find a way to relax?

If the answer to all these question is YES, then you need to try the latest relaxation craze that is sweeping the modern age.

“Adult Colouring Book”

Yes, you read that right – A colouring book is the new age mantra to unwind & relax. And if you’ve enjoyed colouring and drawing as a kid, this is just a added attraction.

From the majestic owls to Celtic design, floral pattern, butterflies the choice are numerous. Selling more than a million copies worldwide, these beautiful illustrations book are must haves!

Flipkart has some in store, check them out

Here are some free downloadable pages

Adult Coloring Book
Download PDF via In The Playroom


Adult Coloring Book
Download PDF via In The Playroom


So, why wait? Print out the ones that inspire you. Grab those colouring pens or fine tip markers and let your mind drift away…
Why should kids have all the fun?


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Stressed? Start Colouring

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