Rains and the Wackiness enters

As a July born and my Goan roots, rains is just adored and missed to glory. It’s one of the best season of the year, where you sport your colorful rain-wear and at times just leave it behind and enjoy the rains while letting the heavy and cool rains splash into you 🙂 🙂 one of a kind experience and being as crazy as ever.



The joy of monsoons is unmeasurable, Jumping in poodles of water, paper-boats sailing, just seating and peacefully watching the rains wash away all the noisy stuff in life.

There are no limits to one’s extend to either stay dry or get wet in the rains. And this rains Zeel Rainwear, comes up with this truly insane, laughable and street smart advert.

Check it out & enjoy the season of rains the way you love it.




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Rains and the Wackiness enters

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