People make memories, they make MOMOries!

Written by : Pauline D’Mello

The new talk of the town and most buzzed restaurant at the moment is NAINITAL MOMOS! And of course with no doubt I had to drop in.

Visiting this place for the very first time I asked them about what kind of momos they served, they mentioned that they serve steamed momos, fried momos, tandoori momos, steamed and fried soupy momos, pan tossed momos , sizzler momos, chocolate momos, they even have burger momos, doesn’t all this sound yummy?

And all these momos are coated with aata and not maida! (Do hear it – HEALTHY). They serve almost all vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos. Goa is their sixth outlet in India.

I was very confused as to which one I should try so I asked the owner which one he would recommend and he asked me to try a different flavor from each, and incase it doesn’t taste upto the expectation than not to pay for it (this happens very rarely).

So I tried the chicken lemon coriander fried momos, chicken Mexicana steamed momos, tandoori chicken momos, and soupy soprano the fire steamed chicken momos.

Soupy Soprana
Tandoori Chicken momos
 Chicken lemon coriander fried momos


Their chicken chilli garlic butter hot momos sizzlers are the best in Goa! They also ask you how spicy you need your momos and make it according to your taste and preference! The portions available are half and full plate so you can choose the portion as per your choice!

Apart from momos I had a very refreshing mint mojito. The highlight of my visit was having the yummy dessert chocolate lava momo.

This place is very cozy and small with just 3 tables. So you never know, you might have to share your table with a stranger! Can’t wait to go back and try other things on their menu!

Location: Alfran plaza building, Ground floor, Opp. Don Bosco College, Panjim-Goa
Time: 11am to 11pm (Open throughout the week)

Pic Courtesy : Pauline D’Mello

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People make memories, they make MOMOries!

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