One Cigarette cost -11 minutes of your LIFE!

Amazing ?? Scary ?? Interesting ?? or a gate crasher feel… what would one say on this? Many of you must have raised the questions to the smokers you’ve come across “Why do you smoke?” “Whats the feeling, that makes you continue?”. And the answers to them would be as vague as could be, so much that they’ve grown habituated.

Even when the cigarette boxes raise the Statutory Warning : Smoking is Injurious to Health. Nothing brings the change. Does that mean one stops to advise smokers to give a second thought.

Well not being harsh but in a subtle manner, an appropriate head knock message is sent across by Aetna. When machines are placed in New York city, asking to trade a cigarette and the experience in exchange of a personal cigarette is an eye opener. 11 minutes of life…11 minutes of happiness isn’t it worth calling Quits to smoking??


Recently, Sunny Leone ft Alok Nath ad ‘No Smoking’ is making rounds which has a message to pass across in an unusual manner.  Ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle, to ungli tedi karni padti hai…..Say No to Smoking!!!!



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One Cigarette cost -11 minutes of your LIFE!

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