New Year 2016 Resolutions

The year starts and you have everyone asking “Watz your New Year Resolutionnnnn?????”. Its like somebody singing a lullaby song. Huh! and there you have a big list of resolutions to come up, which are totally meant to be broken or repeated all over at the onset of the next new year 😉

With the foodies, party-goers and people like me who have a hell lot of excuses, of not keeping away from what they love to do : Enjoy without working it out (which is quite serious). The below videos are a perfect treat to ones ears and eyes. I can so relate to every word of it and definitely with a million more out there too.

Raising brows and the meter with the enjoyable songs of 2015, get yourself grooving and laughing your heart out.

Exactly the Oh-so-us take on New Year Resolutions 😀 😀 . Enjoy guys ROFL !!!


Adele’s Hello Song New Year’s Resolution In Fitness :


Meghan Trainor: All About That Change

Resolutions are Worthless 😉


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New Year 2016 Resolutions

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