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While heading to the immigration at GVK Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport, your eyes will draw attention to this well sculpted art. Getting closer, you are introduced to the ‘One glance of Make in India’ concept.

The sculpted Lion is an artistic rendition of India’s immense industrial capabilities. Natural elements and engineered products have been embedded to depict the vast manufacturing and investment potential of each sector. The lion showcases the spirit of innovation that underscores all enterprise in India.



Make In India, is a national program designed and initiated to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. With the objective of focusing on 25sectors of the economy :

Automobiles Electrical Machinery Oil and Gas Textiles and Garments
Automobile Components Electronic systems Pharmaceuticals Thermal Power
Aviation Food Processing Ports and Shipping Tourism and Hospitality
Biotechnology Information Technology and Business process management Railways Wellness
Chemicals Leather Renewable Energy
Construction Media and Entertainment Roads and Highways
Defense manufacturing Mining Space

An ambitious initiative which is picking up on a slower pace, if maintains a higher momentum and interest will benefit the Indian marketing sector immensely.


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    1. Well it does have alot of stuff up there. Also noticed the Jaya He GVK museum, I only wished of having enough time to explore it too. Definitely much in-stored.

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Make In India

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