Life’s lessons through Experience – Happy Grandparent’s Day!


Kitty Tsui has correctly said “You are the sun, Grandma; you are the sun in my life.”

This quote truly reflects my relationship with my adorable paternal grandma and maternal grandpa. They both hold a very special place in my heart. My grandpa was a man full of life and sadly I lost him recently. I miss him every day!

I come across friends who tell me that the first person they search for once they step in their home is their mother, but in my case it’s a little different as I enter my home looking out for my granny. My day starts seeing her beautiful toothless smile and ends seeing her sleep peacefully. I am very close to her even more than my parents one can say.

Grandmothers are happier when boys are born in the family but my granny believes I am her pride as well as her lucky charm. Staying away from my parents’ right from my early childhood was very difficult but granny made it the best for me, as today I stand strong, independent and firm just like her.

Our grandparents don’t just grey in hair, they grey with maturity, life’s experience and have a lot to tell us as we grow. I consider being very lucky as my 86 years old granny corrects me when I am wrong supports and motivates me when I am right and loves me unconditionally. As she is growing older she acts little childish in her own cute ways sometimes asking for chocolates or giving commentary while watching television and it is fun to watch her.

Trust me the day we do well in life, our grandparents will be the most happiest and the excitement would be the same as it was for their own child. Our grandparents hold a special place in our life, they are the special flowers that bloom in our garden, we need to know that, we need to start if not yet, spend more time with them, never leave them alone, laugh with them, crack jokes, ask them questions. If you think Google has an answer to everything, think again. Your grandparents would have answers to most of your questions. You are blessed to have the company of your grandparent, respect them for life.

I am proud to say that my grandmother raised me up. Thank you darling granny for everything you’ve done for me! Wishing all the young hearts a Happy Grandparents Day!


Guest Writer: Pauline D’Mello

Pic Credit: Bindiya Naik/Viresh Chari

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Life’s lessons through Experience – Happy Grandparent’s Day!

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