Life’s beautiful cycle – Mulling over

Ever wondered how like the cocoon we too evolve with every stage of our life. From the unknown into the big shady blissful world.

The innocence we are born with, to what we make ourselves. From the cries, to million inquisitive questions, the exploring-learning phase to knowing the world and people around. Huh! Tatz some kind off a ride.

Life is a beautiful ride on a bi-cycle, its not paced fast but a right speed which allows us to grow. The smooth, bumpy, spiky ride, leading us to the path we head on. Your thrown down by storms, shattered and worn but there on the way your kissed, caressed by the cool winds, the beaming golden sun rays, the twinkling little stars, turning your ride worthwhile.

No matter what, your true self is worth a priceless dime and the sparklers adding the shine would be always treasured.

Never alone!!!

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Life’s beautiful cycle – Mulling over

by Ann time to read: 1 min