Jaunt at Cereal Killer Cafe

Since, having spotted the opening soon and dropping by Cereal Killer Cafe wasn’t much off a surprise. Considering my visit was not about making any healthy cereal choice of servings. Trust me, my sweet tooth and the eagerness of stopping by was worth a while. The vibes felt while one enters is distinctive, from the pop-up colors, to the sitting arrangements, the colorful cereal boxes all seems worth a mention.


Before I headed to place my order, I found myself totally lost in the pleasing and relaxing ambience. The big snoppy character cushion was so very adorable and huggable. The oh so cozy corner table is just so perfect for a gang of girls to go chit-chatting and pillow-fighting (sheepish smile).


Along side the colorful plastic crates which makes the table base and background with the old Television sets gets the 80s & 90s vibes back.

Now, this reminds me of my childhood, the cassette player wherein one would pull and re-roll the tapes (eeehh childhood craziness). And don’t miss the Kellogg’s bowls hung up along with the other free gifts that you loved to own then.


Check out the eccentric design for the WC, you spotted it right the container-tube shaped. And hold on, that doesn’t stop there, the inside world has a wacky message to share 😉


Aim Please !!!

Now getting my exploring side a bit quieter and letting my eyes savor some delicious looking drinks to quieten my excited soul. The menu has a variety to choose from Sandwiches, CK Cocktails, Parfait, CK Kuwait Specialties, Cereals and the Drinks menu range from Fresh Juice, Hot Chocolate, Latte, Iced Tea/Coffee and Malt Shakes.

Chocolate my weakness and stacked choice of Hot chocolate, varying from Peanut butter, Nutella, Coco pops, Salted Caramel were tempting enough to go for it. Thus, my order Stacked Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and my partner in crime got the Regular Stacked Coco Pops Hot Chocolate. Watching our drinks make way to us, got us already melting and drooling. Awe!!!

Stacked Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate


Regular Stacked Coco Pops Hot Chocolate

For all the Hot Chocolate Lovers, you need to try Cereal Killer Cafe. As for me, I’m Scaling high on my delicious-meter !!!


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Jaunt at Cereal Killer Cafe

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