It’s World Lion Day!


So apparently every Lion gets to have his day too!

Today,  August 10th is celebrated as World Lion Day, a global independent campaign initiative to create awareness about the King of Beasts. Sadly, the number of Lions have been slowly dwindling in recent years with studies showing a scary decline of nearly 90% in the African Lion population in the last 75 years. There are other like-minded groups who support the cause, like all you Nat Geo fans would have noticed their ‘Big Cats Initiative’ that has created a virtual “High Five. Give 5” campaign to save the wild cats.  If we have to save this magnificent beast from going extinct, the time act is now.

If you want to know more about the WLD (World Lion Day) Campaign and how to get involved you can visit their page

So, here’s wishing everyone Happy World Lion Day and hoping that his magnificent roar will reverberate across the wild for generations to come!

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It’s World Lion Day!

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