Have you been rejected?

The people in your office, in the bus or across the lunch table and of course you have faced it sometimes. There isn’t a person alive who wasn’t picked last for a team, hasn’t asked someone to a dance who said no, or didn’t get every job they interviewed for or rejected by the interviewer for odd reasons. We have all come across situations where we have been rejected at job interviews, or while working. And although rejection is sometimes hard to live through, it sometimes creates a memory, which we never tend to forget.

rejected.us is a platform for all people who have been rejected by some of the best known companies around the world. People here share their experiences, and tell you how they have not given up on their dream. “They Rejected Us” is the headline of this website, something which immediately catches one’s attention. Been there, felt that… 😕

Read some of the stories to know more…

As I was finishing my Masters’ I applied to so many companies that I was getting a rejection at least once a day. If I search my inbox for the word ‘regret’, I get over a hundred emails of these rejections. But I kept applying and kept interviewing. I finally got some offers and worked at companies like PayPal, Lyft and Facebook; after a lot of perseverance. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Sagar Savla – [Now works at Facebook]


Was rejected by many companies which one of them was AutoDesk whom escorted me out of their office midway through the interview. I kept at it and now work at BlackBerry as my job.

Rajat Arora – [Now works at BlackBerry]


I’ve been rejected by Google, Apple and Facebook. Ended up working with Microsoft, Apple, Google and Mozilla. Never take it personal.

Angel Colberg – [Now works at Mozilla]


During campus-placements in undergrad, interviewed with Samsung-India. Due to favoritism, I was rejected. Almost lost faith from meritocracy. Later got to do Google Summer of Code (Summer’14) and Google Internship (Summer’15). In grad school, received full time offers from both Yahoo & Google. Now, headed to Google for full time. Still, I have a long way to go. 😉 My point is, don’t lose faith because of a few incidents. Keep working. “Adventure is out there!”

Dhananjay Nakrani – [Now works at Google]


I got turned away from every return offer from internships I had (7), as well as 85 companies I applied to for full-time (even after getting to onsites for over 15 of them!). I now work at Amazon and love what I’m doing. 🙂

Michael Shao – [Now works at Amazon]


Over the course of 9 months, I had tons of interviews, most of which I thought went very well, and I just kept getting rejected. I was ready to drastically lower my bar. Then, within about 5 days, I got an offer from both Twitter and Amazon.

Sam Maskell – [Now works at Twitter]

So, what’s your story???

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Have you been rejected?

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