Google’s Hidden Distractions you’ll enjoy !!!

It’s okay to waste time, as long as you’re having fun – said no boss, ever 😉

Does that mean we stop having some fun or break free from the stressful workload??? Did you ever find yourself looking out for ways to break out from your stressful routine while on desk?

Definitely!!!! Like the many out there and ending up, hunting for stuff on Google (fingers first). With Google known for research, updated news, current humidity levels … it and you have it.

But did you figure out the hidden entertaining distractions Google has in-store ? Well yes, Google has some fun crazy classic hidden games, snazzy search tricks and a whole collection of strange things you probably never knew existed.

I’ve found my favorite classic game “PAC-MAN” 🙂 🙂 and lots more entertaining stuff (like flip a coin and google orbit for instance). Hoping I’ve not destroyed your productivity for the day…I’m sorry. But maybe not that sorry 😉


So go on, take a break and give your brain a rest with these fun features. You deserve it 😀



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Google’s Hidden Distractions you’ll enjoy !!!

by Ann time to read: 1 min