Goa’s Devils Circuit – Another Adventure Story!

Known as the daddy of obstacle races was truly a memorable experience, the 1st timers in Goa at Chopdem Morjim. The moment I got to know about this event, I asked a few of my other enthusiastic friends and there we were registered and all set to attend the event.

On the day of the event we were asked to report at 6.30 am in the morning as we were participating in the competitive wave of the event. Noncompetitive participation was out of the question for my adventurous spirit. Before the beginning of the race I was very anxious about how things would be whether or not I would be able to complete it and all sorts of questions cobwebbed my mind but the moment the race began there was no thinking any more it was all about doing stuff.


The first obstacle was a barrier over which we had to do the high jump. I found it a bit difficult at that moment but with the help of some gentleman in my team who kept cheering for the few women who participated it all seemed possible and I was successfully able to cross obstacle number 1. The positive feeling helped me quickly climb the second one which was a vertical wall with the help of the rope. There was no looking back after that. I went on to complete the net climbing, the balancing act of walking on the flat surface at a height, crawling under barbed wires, climbing on rope ladders, going reverse in the water by pushing yourself against the current, balancing oneself horizontally in the push up style and many other obstacles on the way. Check #Devils circuit enabling you understand better about the obstacles. I will speak about the one’s I really need to mention about.

Mentioning about the two obstacles that I finally decided to give up on after of-course several attempts of trying, was the monkey bar that seemed too far for my small hands every time I tried jumping on the next bar, I just wasn’t able to reach there. The other one was the 14 feet curved wall which was also called as ‘climbing the Everest’ this was one of the toughest obstacle as the organizers said and I totally agree with them. Thanks to my puny body no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t able to reach the top, yes I agree I gave up on it in the end but am happy that I decided to do so only after trying it umpteen number of times.

The last obstacle is also worth a mention which included something called as the Brain freeze, it’s a pool of ice that the participant needs to cross. When out of it you feel as though every muscle in your body is dead no wonder it’s called the brain freeze but once you get done with it you realize that you’ve completed the Devil’s Circuit and the feeling is overwhelming. The adrenaline rush and the vibes that you get, cannot be penned in words and when you look into the eyes of your fellow participants all you can see, is respect and pride for having accomplished something phenomenal. It makes you feel like a champion besides there were Zumba sessions to celebrate the feeling after completing the race and we all had a crazy time.

The medals received were a proof that we were able to complete this race and slay devils once and for all. Mind you Devils Circuit really puts your fitness levels to test both physical and mental, it’s not for those who are weak. I would like to elaborate here that these devils aren’t just the obstacles we got over physically but it has a lot to do with the power of the mind. Covering a hilly terrain of 5kms in the hot sun with 15 tedious obstacles wasn’t easy. Especially when the body wants to give up and you have sweat and blood dripping down your body it’s truly about pushing your limits. We got a lot to learn from the devils circuit though we were bruised, injured and some of us suffered sprains, it was the mind that conquered it all.

This experience has taught me lessons for life too, no matter how difficult it gets in life we need to keep trying and yes some things that aren’t attainable it’s better to let go of them just like, the ‘Everest wall’ I gave up on but not before trying several times, similar is the case with life, don’t give up easily unless you’ve given your best. Today when I look at the scars on my knees from the crawling that I did under the barbed wires I can proudly remind myself that if I was able to slay devils there and complete that race I can go through all the difficulties in life with a smile on my face. It’s moments like these that help me grow as a person and make life a memorable journey!!


– By Jovita Fernanades

Guest Writer

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Goa’s Devils Circuit – Another Adventure Story!

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