Freeze Time

No matter how outgrown we get with time and passing years, there are still those moments, expressions, care and love by our loved ones that freeze time. Taking one back to reminisce our childhood days and realizing, love never changes. You would wonder as to what makes me pen this down. Let me share a glimpse of the reason behind it…



😉 Yeah!! For sure this ball ice-creams (as we called it as kids) must have brought back the same old kid smile on your face. Along with the sweet cool memories that are attached to these or any other ice-cream (oh how much we love them). Those usual sunday special treats or an after result reward, or simply a chaddi gang ice cream hang out.

That’s what got my memory book opened up, when my ever loving aunt, on her usual visits to meet us while kids, would come along with these ball ice-creams and lots more.

Walks in with them yet again, when we are no longer kids by age yet bringing immense joy and happiness to enjoy these cool treats. Taking one to a world of love with every spoonful of ice-cream.

Totally Freezing time and expressing all love which knows no timeline, no age bar…keeping the kid within alive forever.


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Freeze Time

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