First village in Goa to charge entry fee

In a rather surprising move to protect and preserve the Eco-diversity of a distant picturesque village, the Panchayat took an unanimous decision to charge entry fees for vehicles visiting Netravali village.

Netravali Village is famous, specially during the monsoon for its pristine and secluded waterfalls. Mainapi waterfall, Savari waterfall, Bubble lake and Netravali wildlife Sanctuary are some of the most sort after places for any wildlife lover. However, more people visiting these places, often lead to unwanted litter of plastic and garbage, making it hassles for the villagers.

The Sanguem Panchayat claim that at the time of entering the village, visitor would be charged Rs.100 and be given a garbage bag, later on which Rs.50 will be refunded if they dump the garbage waste in the garbage bag and not litter the tourist spots or the village. Seems like a fair deal by the villagers, to keep the place clean and avoid unpleasant garbage site around point of interest. Presently, Rs.20 per person is also collected by the forest department from tourist.

Being the first Panchayat in Goa to collect such entry fees from tourist, the Panchayat ensured that these fees will be used to improve the infrastructural facilities at the tourist spot, provide garbage disposal system and safe parking for incoming vehicles.

A well applauded initiative.


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First village in Goa to charge entry fee

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