Beauty Shopping in Germany

I recently visited Germany for the first time. Visiting this beautiful place, Cologne in Germany was part of my three European country experience. Amazing city with a mixture of medieval Cologne and modern cologne.

The city most important must-see landmark begins with the the Cologne Cathedral. At almost 160 metres high, it towers over the city like a fortess and this magnificent structure is the point for tourists and locals alike to ideal around. Cologne is about the magnificent Cologne cathedral, Kölsch beer , the Eua de cologne (hence the name) & Cologne Zoo. But hey…What was more interesting for me in Cologne was the popular beauty products (guilty! )that the social media raves about in Europe.


Yes, didn’t you hear this….Germany makes their own things. Beauty products too. And they are way affordable, organic, very good!

One of the things I am most excited about is being able to go to the drugstore in Cologne, Germany. The two big drugstore chains in Germany are the DM  & Rossmann. There are plenty of stores throughout Cologne. It is of my life’s greatest pleasures to browse around the drugstore. Yeah silly me 😉 Endless makeup and skin care aisle, doing it in a foreign country and I  was in heaven. India doesn’t have that sort of range, makeup aisle. If at all there is some counter, the salesperson will hoard you to try, what she need to sell, what she thinks is good for you. No independent choice making what-so-ever (sigh).

So, coming to Beauty industry in Germany, they love want they do, and they do it quite well.  DM  & Rossmann have their own label cosmetics brands. In DM’s you will find the  – P2, Astor, Manhattan, Trend it up,Alverde Cosmetics, LOV, Artdeco beside the western brands like Maybellin, Loreal, Revlon.  Balea- Their skin care and hair styling range is so vast, it literally covers every damn aspect.  Rossmann’s propitiatory labels are Isana, Rival la Loop. Hugely popular for their huge offerings and small prices.

Did you know Nivea is orginally from Germany?!! Nivea is a German brand that specializes in skin- and body-care. It is owned by the Hamburg-based company  and was founded on in 1882, by pharmacist.

Cosmetics & Skin care in Germany is affordable, specially from these brands. DM & Rossmann, have their own organic brand  like Alverde. There’s also Lavera, Kneipp, Weleda & Logona. Besides DM & Rossmann, one can shop at Galeria Kaufhof, Karstadt,Douglas and Muller.

Beauty Tourism is a growing industry in Germany over last few years. Some of the German drugstore like DM in Berlin, has product information in Mandarin for the Chinese tourist flocking that place. For the Chinese tourist, Germany is become their prime destination for shopping. They buy German beauty brands in bulk and re-sell them in big margin on various Chinese online websites.

So, next time  you make a stop in Germany make sure, to visit these places and load yourself with their fascinating makeup and skincare products. The price and the variety will win you over !


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Beauty Shopping in Germany

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