Are you ready for AAP in Goa?

It’s 22nd May Goa, the day Aam Aadmi Party requested you to meet Arvind Kejriwal.


All eyes are on Kejriwal’s public meeting at Campal grounds in Panjim for the first ever AAP public meeting in our beautiful state of Goa. For the true concerned Goan all eyes & ears are set on Kejriwal’s public meeting, to know what’s in store for Goa and probably the road map for AAP contesting in the Goa.

It’s a indeed going to be a people’s revolution as the party’s main ideology revolves around redefining politics as citizen centric honest governance. Whether they can convince and gain the trust of dejected Goans, time will tell.

The public meeting today is a revolution in itself as live streaming of the meeting will be witnessed over the internet for Goans who can’t make it and for those abroad.

Check out the live streaming below or go to:

UPDATE: Live streaming link has been removed as the event has concluded. You can view Arvind Kejriwal’s Goa Rally speech recordings below:

Part 1:


Part 2:


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Are you ready for AAP in Goa?

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