Are you eating fake rice?

Plastic Rice is creating quite a scare everywhere. And wouldn’t it scare you – (imagine) the most staple food we all love to consume on daily basis is made into plastic by some hidden factories to make extra bucks.

The term ‘plastic rice’ first surfaced in China in 2010. Chinese officials unearthed a scam by companies who passed off ordinary rice as premium rice by adding flavors to it and exporting. Since then it spread and entered the Indian subcontinent. Basically, plastic is made with so many chemicals such as like synthetic or semi-synthetic. These chemicals are very harmful to humans. Once the plastic rice enters into our body we cannot do anything. There is no solution for this problem. And it creates life long health problems.

Plastic egg, Plastic rice videos are doing rounds on social media, and there has been complains in Telganana, AP & UP of these being sold in local grocery shops. And if it true, there is possibility of Plastic rice entering the Goan land, and if so it’s seriously alarming. We in Goa, don’t have a strong FDA force. We have to be alert and bring to the notice of the FDA authorities if such stuffs are selling.

As the saying goes, ‘An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’.

Here’s how you can identify fake rice :


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Are you eating fake rice?

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