Against all Odds??


Adidas have initiated a unique brand concept in India called “Odds” where they sell either two lefts or two right pairs of a shoe.  No, this isn’t for the clumsy dancers as the famed idiom goes “two left feet” but for those people who have been unfortunate in losing their adjacent limb and have not let that misfortune dictate their life. Adidas ODDS is definitely not for the faint hearted but for the fighters who challenge fate and keep moving forward.

Their brilliantly executed first advertisement for the brand tells us the inspiring story of Major DP Singh, a veteran disabled at war but went on to become  India’s first blade runner to compete in a marathon. His story resounds with positivity and motivates others like him.

I contacted the Adidas Team who informed me that “ODDS” is currently available for purchase only in the Adidas online store for India and as of now, no international shipping facility available for the brand. But I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long before “ODDS” ventures into international shores as well.

Here’s hoping that with Adidas paving the way, other brands would step forward with similar touching initiatives for our community with special needs. And why not, after all isn’t it our para-athletes who put up an outstanding performance at the Para-lympics every year?

If you haven’t already seen their advert, I’m posting the link below…



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Against all Odds??

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