A Mini-Break to Bahrain

Time to break-free to another short vacay and being in Kuwait, Bahrain could be the easiest, closest and the fastest to get. Not forgetting the absolute freedom to enjoy 🙂 to the fullest.

That is how my close knit group of friends booked ourselves to a mini-break to Bahrain. Flying with Gulf Air and walking towards my seat number, noticed that Row No 13 is missing on-board oh ho 😮 . For an instance, thought my sight missed the row, so walked backward just to reconfirm and guess what, actually Row NO 13 does not exist on the flight I boarded. Hmm interesting and intriguing.

Driving past the airport, Bahrain giving a love-filled welcome.

Upon check-in, getting an upgrade in a better and bigger room is simply an amazing way to start a great holiday. Our Bahrain highlight was the trip booked to Al Dar Island, wasn’t quite sure about what I will be looking forward but was super excited as I’m a water baby.

Arriving at the office of Al Dar Island dock area, we reconfirmed our check- in and handing over our passports headed to the speed boats to arrive our destination.

The island was simply wow, felt as thou I got myself landed in Maldives for some sand, sun and the blue waters. Well, that’s another story about how much I love the blue sea 🙂 The coastline was adored with huts and people donning bikinis, against the crashing waves of the sea, while being merrier in the company of their friends and family. There are bar’s and cafe’s on the island serving food, soft drinks, juices and alcohol and the huts, water-sports too are available for hire.

Having booked an overnight chalet (apartment) towards the edge of the island with sea facing view, fully equipped with showers, bedroom linen, wi-fi was noteworthy. With an outdoor, sea facing Jacuzzi set up and the option of barbecue area and the clear blue sea to oneself ♥ 🙂 😀 (take me again), the place was totally amazing and the feeling was fabulous.

A total MUST VISIT if your next trip to Bahrain is somewhere on the list. The memories and the place while the sunsets will remain forever!!!



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A Mini-Break to Bahrain

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