Demonetization Trump for Paytm

The whole chaos, scene, hay-wire situation in India over the demonetization of currency INR 500 & INR 1000 notes, has been a well baited situation for Paytm.

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce website offering services of mobile recharging, adding bill payment and e-commerce.

Smart move, well timed and not missing on en-cashing the scenario to ones favor, Kamal hai boss. The everyday struggle to exchange cash or make payments, problems faced by minority has found a solution by Paytm, check this out (tongue-in-cheek):





What is Paytm all about?

Paytm is a mobile e-commerce company which has carved its name within a short span of time. Paytm acts as a virtual wallet where you can store money online, which can be used instead of debit/credit or net banking. It is an alternate way to purchase online goods, recharge and so on with the gem of an idea of primarily cashback’s and discounts (who doesn’t love that). The cash backs are being used via their wallet which in-turn is being used to promote their product called WALLET. A strategical masterpiece!

The product was definitely gaining its momentum and the recent change has got them hitting high, crossing 50Million downloads.


Kicking the right opportunity,♫♫ Ab toh bache bache bhi bolege, “Paytm Karo” ♫♫♫


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Demonetization Trump for Paytm

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