The Great Khali & Ambuja cement connection :D

Standing 7foot 1 inch tall our very own WWE World Heavyweight Champion ‘The Great Khali’ has created a niche in the wrestling arena. And the recent commercial had got me and many more smiling from the very start to the end of it.

The strong and huge physique of Great Khali unknowingly and innocently getting his powerful impact done on walls, corridors, ceilings, flooring 😉 whatever he comes across is beautifully portrayed. So much that one could probably keep him out in the open fields only to save from damage hehehe 😀 .

The funniest and the cutest part in the ad, wherein the Godzilla movie scene alongside the kid and expressions on their faces is worth a good laugh.

Ambuja Cement has certainly got the message straight to the audience with the strong and mighty Great Khali. Strong and durable.

Watch it out and smile away.

Ambuja Cements – Giant Strength For The GiantDalip Singh Rana, better known as The Great Khali’s strength gave him immense fame and recognition in the world but his same strength became his biggest problem, till one day his aunt advised him to build his house with Ambuja Cement. Watch here to know how the giant strength of Ambuja helped a giant.You can also watch it on YouTube at –

Posted by Ambuja Cements Limited on Monday, October 12, 2015


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The Great Khali & Ambuja cement connection :D

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