Nike’s thought-provoking Pro-women Ad

Off late, Nike has been busy at work with their new sports wear catering to Muslim women around the world. Their recent “Pro Hijab” collection is expected to hit the stores next year 2018 but is already creating a buzz in the media world. In the mean time, they have already set the base with their recent advertisement “What will they say about you?”.

  1. While this project undertaken by Nike Middle East was intended primarily for middle eastern women, I think this advert sends out a strong message to women all around the world. Gender equality in the sports arena has yet to come a long way with women having to face a lot of obstacles in terms of society views, cultural norms or mere governmental support and this ad boldly highlights that.

I instantly fell in love with this ad, and I loved the timing too, coinciding  with the Internationals Women’s Day theme this year #BeBoldForChange. I hope this ad inspires women and girls around the world to break free from the stereotypes that society dictates and live their dreams and as Nike aptly puts it “Just Do it!”.


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Nike’s thought-provoking Pro-women Ad

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